Since its inception in 2008, Arb Studios began development on its cross platform 3D game and online technology that works on platforms like PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, XBOX 360 just to name a few. Recently Arb Studios began focusing our efforts on creation and distribution of games like Tiki Kart 3D that was a huge success and launched a recent expansion of new developments.


Aaron Boucher (Engine Architect / CEO) With almost eighteen years of overall experience programming in C and C++, Aaron’s primary discipline has been in game programming… Also, Aaron has over ten years experience with client server programming. having independently developed first generation MMO FPS technology which was showcased in the PC title Endless Ages. With his expertise comes a strong knowledge of openGL, DirectX, shaders, code based 3d math, skeletal systems and cross platform development.


Alan Carter (Technical Art Director, Co-Founder) Alan Carter has been working in the game industry for 12 years… Over the years he has worked with over a dozen of game engines and technologies in both large and small development houses. His time spent in the industry placed him in the position to participate in all artistic aspects of game development with a focus on art and its efficiency. Starting work in the industry with a small independent development house taught him responsibility for the overall game. Moving to a larger team taught him lessons in working effectively within a group, collaborating on ideas, and sharing knowledge.


Roger Arias (Business Development) is an interactive entertainment industry veteran with over eighteen years experience in the software and games industry… A product visionary, proven leader and skilled negotiator he has licensed, produced or designed more than 70 properties generating over $600 million in aggregate revenues. His repertoire includes contributions to many hugely successful franchises such as; Dragon Ball Z, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon,  Yu Yu Hakusho, IMCA-Dirt Track Racing, Beachhead, John Deere American Farmer and many more.


Steve Blamire (Lead Designer/Assembler)
Steve has been an avid game enthusiast since he can remember. After graduating from Full Sail University back in 2003, he brings a strong gaming background to the table… His skills have been developed over the years in C/C++/C# through smaller development studios along with developing games in Flash on AS2 and AS3. Before joining the ARB studios team, he was working as a contractor for Cartoon Network and developing more gaming modules for independent projects.


Justin Church(QA, Scripter) an avid gamer.







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