Proprietary Technology and Monetization

  • Using our own crossplatform native game engine (Arb Engine) you can build a game on PC and Distribute that build with no changes on iOs, Android, Mac, XBOX 360 and PC. Not only that, but as a focused app development company ourselves we understand the importance of monetization, we support IAP (In App Purchases), Offerwall solutions (Tapjoy, Sponsorpay, Metaps etc) and Advertisements (fullscreen and banner). So you can rest assured that your app will be compatible on all the popular platforms and have many choices for monetization.

Turn-key Online and Social Media Solutions

  • Arb Nexus Tournament system supports many kinds of online competition out of the box like Realtime, Turn based, Free for all and Mmo with options of dedicated or pier to pier match making solutions to match your budget. Our authentication model currently can use Anonymous per device and Facebook Authentication.

Geo Based Monetization

  • Using our online ad system you can change what advertising providers run on your app per Geo anytime a day and it will update in realtime, this works for both offerwall, banners and fullscreen ads.

Flexible Pricing Model

  • Have us handle all of it
  • Hybrid model where you do art and get involved in the assembly process reducing costs significantly, you manage the project.
  • Or just license the engine
  • Please note we have never seen a project in any pricing model below $10,000 USD

Heres some of our apps that are on the market, check out the videos!

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